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A sports church for bouldering soccer basketball volleyball hockey badminton table tennis table soccer billiard darts

A sports church in Nachrodt

With the sports church we would like to make a contribution to social and integrative coexistence in Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde. As a church, we are guided by the values of the Bible. In our eyes, every person is valuable and loved by God. We therefore want to treat every person with unconditional appreciation and limitless respect. We particularly want to encourage children and young people and support them in developing and strengthening their self-esteem. We hope that they become a courageous part of our society. Therefore, our desire is not “just” to offer sports, but also to convey values through word and deed. Children and young people are looking for confirmation, recognition and appreciation. They need role models to emulate. We want to support them on this path and pass on the unconditional love of Jesus to them.


Mit einer regelmäßigen Spende von nur 2 € im Monat können Sie dazu beitragen, dass unsere Idee real wird und Menschen Jesus Christus persönlich kennenlernen.

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News from the Press:

St. Josef church becomes a games and sports church

What amazing news:

The Catholic Church of St. Josef in Nachrodt is being sold to the Free Evangelical Lenne Church and converted into a games and sports church.

Climbing and kicking instead of praying and doing penance: Catholic church becomes a sports arena

This is the most unusual and probably most exciting news of the year: St. Joseph’s Church will become a multi-sports facility. Children and young people will soon be able to climb where the altar is today, and football or badminton, basketball or table tennis will be played where the church pews are now.


Lenne Church

Church Service:
Hagener Straße 1, Nachrodt

Hohenlimburger Straße 22
58759 Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde


Lenne Church

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